• Getting it Right First Time…Or Not

    By on August 28, 2018

    When I first became a gardener my friends were dubious to say the least. After being extensively educated beyond any...

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  • Shaping Up For Summer

    By on August 7, 2018

    A healthy degree of indolence is grrrreat! I’m not talking about out and out laziness which eventually leads to poor...

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  • Timely Tips For July

    By on July 17, 2018

    Summer can throw up some surprises but here are a few things that you can think about doing in the...

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  • Not So Lazy Summer Days

    By on July 2, 2018

    June sees a climax of sorts. 21st of June will be the longest day of the year which is reflected...

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  • The Tree Roses

    By on June 11, 2018

    In my last article I focused on Azaleas which make up a major part of the Rhododendron family. However, I...

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  • Azaleas

    By on May 16, 2018

    When is a Rhododendron not a Rhododendron? The answer is when the plant in question is an Azalea. The Rhododendron...

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  • Keep Marching On!

    By on March 9, 2018

    Although we have passed the first meteorological day of Spring the recent icy blast brought by the so-called ‘Beast from...

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  • Down to Earth

    By on March 2, 2018

    What a curious expression it is to say that a person is ‘down to earth’? We usually use it as...

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  • When Size Truly Matters

    By on January 8, 2018

    By the time that you read this Christmas will all be over and done with. The baubles will have been...

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  • Keeping on Keeping on

    By on October 16, 2017

    We may be nearing the end of October but that does not mean that the garden needs to be running...

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