An illustration of the Norman castle

Hodnet Castle

There has been a park and gardens at Hodnet for hundreds of years. Their design has followed on from the three different houses that have existed within the grounds. A stone built Norman castle constructed in the 12th century, its residual earthworks occupying the area behind the visitors’ car park.

A photograph of the Tudor mansion stables

Garden Restaurant Formerly The Stables Of The Tudor Mansion

A large timber framed 16th century Tudor Mansion House once stood in the area at the end of Beech Avenue, in the valley bottom. The old stable block of the house, now the restaurant, is all that remains today. Around this house was a terraced walk and a circle garden and these still form part of the present garden.

An old photograph of a Victorian House in the neo-Elizabethan style

Victorian House In The Neo-Elizabethan Style

In the second half of the 19th century a Victorian house in the neo-Elizabethan style was built on the warmer and less damp valley side. A small-enclosed rose garden and a lime avenue were planted soon after its construction.

This house was altered in the 1960′s and remains the home of the Heber-Percy family today.